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Тема: Серия Yakuza, PS2, PS3... история продолжается
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   Не припомню секретного босса? А где найти его можно? Что сделать надо? Может все допы открыть? Что за крендель?

"Обилие пищи притупляет остроту ума". Сенека
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Не припомню секретного босса?

5e.  Secret Boss

There is a secret boss in this game, believe it or not.  If you complete all
the side missions (besides the 6 "love game" side quests), then, in front of
the Movie Theater, a man in a black trenchcoat with black sunglasses will
appear.  If you talk to him, you'll have to fight him, so be ready.
 His name is Amon Jou, and he's really one tough cookie.  He gets up twice,
having three "forms" in full.  The first two have two full life bars, the
third has three.  In the first, he'll use guns.  The second, bombs.  The third?
Insane martial arts.  In all three forms, he'll be *super* hard to hit as he
can avoid even during a combo and breaks throws immediately.  Oh yeah, and when
he's in the "gun" form, the Bullet-Proof Vest and Bullet Shields won't guard
against his bullets.  Fun times.
 So, how to defeat him?  Well...you can fight him, but it'll be really really
hard.  You might be able to defeat him going toe-to-toe if you fill up on
Staminan Sparks.  However....  If you get tired of getting destroyed like mad,
there's a much easier way.
 Go to the Underground Colisseum at the River Styx, and fight the
"The Ronin Grand Prix" ("The Yabushi GP") and keep going through it.  It'll
randomly give you a sword, the Magic Sword, Sengetsu.  Get four Sengetsu, equip
one, and carry the other three in your weapons slots.  Now...go and take a taxi,
avoid any encounters on the way so you don't waste your swords at all, and go
and challenge Amon.  Get behind the lamp post nearby and he won't be able to hit
you with his gunshots.  This will make him come over to you.
 What then?  Well...start swinging!  You should have the Komaki Swordsmanship
(gotten by meeting Komaki Soutarou after fighting in the Underground Colisseum
during the story in Chapter 5) skill.  This will make you do a lot of damage
with each hit.
 Oh, did I mention that the Sengetsu sword stuns opponents?  That's right; they
have 20 uses and are similar to the Stun Gun in that opponents stand and shiver
violently before collapsing.  They can't block, evade, attack--they can't really
do anything during that animation.  So, just keep ploughing away at him with
the square button.  When your sword breaks, hit start, equip the next one, and
so on.
 This is seriously the easiest way to beat him, and you'll probably feel kinda
bad and want to challenge him normally.  Trust me...don't.  I mean...it's really
cool to watch him die by your fists, but you'll be pretty tired of it by then.
I'd recommend you at least bring the Dragon Fists or something along and use
their Spin Attack to avoid his bullets and bombs, at least.
 So, what do you get for this awesome, secret fight?  10,000,000 yen and 893
experience.  "893" is a code for "yakuza" ("8" can be read "ya," "9" "ku," and
"3" "za").
А где найти его можно? Что сделать надо? Может все допы открыть?

Если не шпрехаешь в инглише скажу что миссии надо пройти все, кроме миссий девушек в барах(они не обязательные)

А вот собственно сами (обязательные)миссии:

4a.  Missions
NOTE:  I'll mark the ones that you'll only have one chance to do with *'s.
Most of them will simply start in the chapter I've noted and can be done at
any time after then, tho'.  Other missions span chapters.  I'll note them with
a %.

Chapter 2

There's a lady wandering around in a random pattern in front of the Volcano
pachinko slot parlor.  Bump into her, and she'll cry "pervert!"  Then, yakuza
will come and threaten you.  Refuse to pay (first choice) and then defeat the
big guy.

Chapter 4

Requirement:  clear "False Molestation" mission
North of where you encountered the lady in the mission "False Molestation," just
before the street meets up with Nanafuku Street, there will be three tough guys
walking around.  Bump into them, refuse to pay (1st choice), and then beat

Requirement:  clear "Hey, That Hurt!"
Those three guys will be back, this time armed!  Bump into them, refuse to pay
(1st choice again), and then beat them.

Requirement:  clear "Hey, That Hurt!  The Revenge"
Those three guys will come back, armed again, and this time with two, big,
hulking thugs.  Bump into them again, refuse to pay again (it's a rather steep
fine this time anyway!--1st choice) and then beat them again.

Requirement:  clear "Hey, That Hurt!  The Great Revenge"
Those three guys are back!  But...if you bump into them, this time, they just
offer a lame excuse about just being out for a nice little stroll and run away
with their tails tucked between their legs.  Heh.

Go near the park in western Nanafuku street and you'll get flagged down by a man
who asks if you're a yakuza.  It doesn't matter how you answer; he'll attack you
anyway.  Beat him.

At Good Cafe' (in Chuudou street), first talk to the owner, then to the yakuza
blocking his door.  Tell him off (bottom choice) and win the battle.

In front of Smile Burger (east side of Chuudou street), there are yakuza right
in front of the shop arguing with an employee.  Talk to them and tell them to
knock it off (first choice), then win the battle.

NOTE:  You'll have to be able to get into the River Styx to complete
 this quest.  What's more, you'll have to beat the "Strong-Armed Man" mission
 to give away the last item.
Buy a Japanese Sake for the old man in The Third Park (near the Stardust host
club, to the east of Tenka'ichi street).  Choose the first choice, then the
first choice to drink with him, then get the coin locker key he gives out.
Visit the coin lockers to get the Old Coat.  There's a shivering man near the
Bacchus bar (replaced later by Bantam) near the Milennium Tower, in that little
alley running east-west.  Give him the coat.  The Glasses he gives you are for
the guy near the Shine night club on Pink street, who'll give you a roll of
Enforced Tape.  This is for a homeless man in the River Styx (which you
can't get to until Chapter 5).  He'll give you the Silver Attache Case.  This
case is for the businessman (salaryman) in that little hook in the alley before
the River Styx that is blocked by the Strong-Armed Man (whom you'll
need to have defeated to get to the salaryman).
When you talk to him, you'll have to prod him into telling his story--it's the
bottom choice twice.  Then, give him the case, and he'll act stupid and fight
you.  Beat him to end the mission.

Talk to the girl just south of the Champion District at the dead-end at the
east end of Taihei street (her name is Ka'ai Momoko; you'll meet her later if
you complete this mission) and she'll tell you she lost her manuscript.  Say
you'll help her (first choice), and she'll tell you she lost it in the Champion
District.  It's in the southwestern corner of said district on the map.  Bring
it back to her to complete the mission.

Near the center of Nanafuku street, north of the Milennium Tower, there's a man
with a green jacket and a cap on, standing still, snickering to himself.  Bump
into him, and he'll apologise profusely, then run off.  Kiryuu will realise he's
been robbed.  Follow the guy to the next screen, find him, and talk to him
again as he snickers to himself.  He'll run north.  Follow him there, and after
you talk to him again, he'll run east.  He runs quite far this time.  Find him
this last time and he'll fight you.  He only takes one hit.

In an alley connecting Pink street with Senryou street, to the east of the Poppo
market near Chuudou street, there's an attractive young woman who'll approach
Kiryuu.  Talk to her, and she'll point out a strange guy hanging at the corner
of a building and spying on her.  Tell her you'll take care of it (bottom
choice) and go talk to him.  Choose the top choice when he threatens to call
his yakuza friend twice, and fight them and win, then go and talk to the young
woman again.

On Senryou street, you'll run into a guy who wants to read your palm.  Agree
(with the bottom choice), and agree to follow him to talk to him.  Choose the
top choice to not pay twice when you're in the cafe', and you'll have to fight
his friend outside.  He'll ask you to let him go and give you the Lifestone,
but you can choose the bottom choice to find out where the first guy went.  Now,
he's just north of there, standing on the corner.  Talk to him, choose the
bottom choice, and beat him up.  He'll give you the Lifestone and money.

Near the Akagyuu beef bowl restaurant at the northern edge of Tenka'ichi street,
to its east, there's a guy talking to an employee.  Bump into him and he'll run.
Follow him to where he's hiding behind the truck on the corner right across from
the coin lockers, then to where he stands in front of Smile Burger, then to the
Third Park.  He's way in the back, behind the swingset.  Talk to him, and you'll
be whisked away to where the chase started.

In the middle of Chuudou street, you'll see a woman, and a man running away
from her.  Talk to the woman, and then follow the man.  He runs into the Third
Park, just off on the east side of the gate inside.  Talk to him and beat him
up, then go back to the woman and return her goods to her.

Requirement:  Complete "Catch the Pickpocket"
Inside the Club Sega at Chuudou street, there's a middle-aged man standing in
front of the UFO Catcher machine.  Talk to him, and it'll prompt you to give
him the toy he needs even though you don't have it yet.  Then, use the machine,
pick up the "Gold Dorayan" (the yellow dragon) toy, and talk to the man to give
it to him.  Go outside, and come back in.  He'll be there again, and this time,
he needs all five varieties of the "Puyo-chan" (those little chick toys).
You'll need five empty inventory slots.  Play the game again, and this time get
all five: black, blue, pink, yellow, and big.  Talk to him again, then leave,
come back in, and talk to the punk there.  He'll ask you to get the "Black
Dorayan" (dragon) toy.  Go to it, and then he'll reappear out of nowhere and
take it from you (choose the first choice).  Go outside, and just a moment
later, Kiryuu will realise that he's just been given counterfeit money.  The
guy will reappear just outside the store (on its west).  Talk to him, beat him
up, and then he'll give you the key inside the toy.

Crouching in the east end of the alley with the pawn shop is a man looking for
his contact.  Bump into him, and he'll ask you to pay.  Refuse (bottom choice),
and fight him.

Requirement:  Complete "My Contact"
On Shouwa street (that's on the southern edge), between Pink and Senryou
streets, there's a lady walking around asking people to buy her matches.  Buy
one (for 100yen; first choice), and leave that screen, then come back.  Talk
to her, and she'll give you the Manly Cologne.

On the southern edge of Pink street, there's a guy who'll run over and try to
strongarm you out of your possession, if you're wearing the Lucky Bracelet,
Manly Cologne, Dragon Sarashi, Haruka's Necklace, or the Casanova Ring.  Deny
him (bottom choice) and he'll fight you.  Beat him.  The easiest way to do this
is to complete the mission "The Matchstick Girl" and then equip that cologne,
then go to the west and just walk right into Pink street and you'll encounter
the knucklehead.

On Shouwa street (the southern edge of town), between Pink and Chuudou streets,
there's a club that says "Abunai Room" ("Danger Room") with a woman standing
outside you can talk to.  Talk to her, and she'll ask you to watch while a bad
element comes to her shop and make them leave.  Agree (first choice) and after
a little while, a guy will show up and bump into you.  Fight him, then he'll
run off and get his friend.  Fight them, then they'll run off and get a third,
bigger friend.  Fight them, and then talk to the lady as she appears again to
complete the mission.

The alley that connects Nanafuku and Kou'enmae streets to the south of the
River Styx is blocked by a big guy if you go there.  Choose that you'd
like to pass (first choice), but that you'd like not to pay him (bottom choice)
and he'll fight you.  Beat him.

Requirement:  Unknown--complete a certain mission offered in Chapter 4
In the southeastern corner of the Champion District, there's a homeless man who
asks if you lost a lighter.  Say you might have (top choice) and he'll ask
what kind.  If you tell him a gold lighter (first choice), he'll sell you a
gold lighter.  If you tell him a 100-yen (that's about $.80 or so--bottom
choice), he'll give you a coin locker key.

Requirement:  Complete "Strong-Armed Man"
In the alley to the west of the parking lot on Nanafuku street running north-
south stands a homeless man on its eastern edge near the north.  He thinks
Kiryuu is his son.  Choose the bottom choice ("Father...?") to set this in
motion.  Now, go to the park on the west edge of Nanafuku street and talk to
the homeless guy there.  He'll tell you that Gen (the old man) got attacked in
the Champion District.  You'll find him in the southern edge of Champion street,
toppled.  Talk to him and he'll tell you to go find the people who beat him up.
They've headed off towards the River Styx.  You'll find them in the
alley where the Strong-Armed Man stood.  Talk to them, and say the first choice
("You guys beat up Gen, huh?") to fight them and get his wallet back.  Go back
to where he was lying to find another homeless man who will tell you the back-
story and give you a photo.

Requirement:  Complete "The Cost of Fortune"
Near a telephone pole on the north edge of Kou'enmae street to the west of the
River Styx, your phone will ring.  Answer it, and then a person will
ask you if you owe them money.  Answer "You've got the wrong guy" (1st choice)
to end the mission, or agree to pay (the top choice after choosing the bottom
choice the first time) to make the yakuza come and collect.  You can hang up
the phone if you want, and supposedly end the mission that way, but I've only
had bad luck that way.  I usually answer the bottom choice, then the center
choice again and again until the agent dispatches a yakuza to come and rough
you up near the park.  Go back towards the park and he'll be standing on the
north side of the street.  Fight him and win.

There's a painter at the northern edge of Koe'enmae street, near its western
edge.  Talk to him, look at each of the four different kinds of paintings he
has, and buy all four (top choice after looking at them).

In the alley where Beam is located, a cut scene will happen where Mai (a young
girl with huge...assets) is trying to get away from a drunk suitor.  She'll ask
you for help.  Choose the first choice and scare him away, then choose the first
choice again to follow her to her favorite bar.  You can choose the bottom one
and find her again later at the northern edge of that same alley to keep the
mission going.  I don't know if it matters what you answer to her first
question.  I usually say "I just met you; I don't know yet" (the bottom choice).
Once the drinks come, choose that you don't feel like drinking just now (the
bottom choice) three times.  Mai will run off and you'll have to fight the guy
who pretended to be drunk, his two friends, and the barkeep (who's pretty big
and tough).  Once you beat them, you can take the money (first choice) or say
that it won't do (bottom).  I'd advise doing that one if you want to complete
the missions as that's the only way to open the hidden casino needed for two
other missions!

Yuuya will call you once you leave Serena and ask you to come meet up with him
to see his gal strip.  He'll be at Shine, which is lighted up on your map.  Go
there and talk to him, then go inside, go into the showroom, and choose the
first choice to watch the next show once you've seen the "exciting" routine
(in glorious, blurry, ugly polygons).  Beat the mysterious assassin.

Chapter 5

Requirement:  Complete "Art and Talent"
Once you can get into the River Styx, go to the man on the eastern
edge who's lying on the ground.  It'll ask you if you want to give him some-
thing--choose "yes" and give him the "Woman Holding A Scallion" Painting.  He'll
give you his book, signed.

Requirement:  Complete "Art and Talent 2"
Take the "Woman Holding A Scallion" book the author gave you over to the
painter on Kou'enmae Street.  He'll give you the "Cat Atop Ginseng" Painting.

Requirement:  Complete "Art and Talent 3"
Take the "Cat Atop Ginseng" Painting down to the guy greeting customers just
inside the door of the Alps Tea House and he'll get excited and buy it.  You
can refuse to sell it (bottom choice) three times to get more money, but you'll
get less experience.

Requirement:  Complete "Art and Talent 4"
Go back to where the artist was and there will now be a different man standing
there.  Talk to him and say you do know the artist (first choice) and then
show him one of the artist's paintings (any of the three will do) and sell it
to him.

In front of the entrance to the River Styx is a little boy whose tummy
is rumbling.  Talk to him and give him any food (he'll also take the "Heal"
items left around in action stages).  Later, in Chapter 7, leading Haruka about
town after the incident at the chouhan ("even or odd" dice game) gambling house,
go to the Third Park.  Give him something to eat again, and he'll collapse.
Kiryuu will carry him--be mindful of that meter running out (that's how long
he has to live).  You'll need to find out where the hospital is...there are
many ways to do this, but the easiest is to just walk west, then south to
Stardust.  A man standing near Stardust's entrance will tell you; it'll get
lighted up on the map and be just to the north and a little to the west.  Go
there, and then you'll see Ali's brothers arguing with the doctor in a nice,
semi-racist moment.  Fight them and win.

Chapter 6

There's a drunk guy on the east side of Tenka'ichi street near Serena.  Talk to
him, and he'll ask you to bring him some Japanese Sake. Do so for him twice and
he'll start to feel bad and need a Staminan X.  You can give him higher-grade
Staminans, instead, if you want.

Requirement:  ???  Sometimes occurs later?
Near the Third Park, there's a fallen man with two punks standing over him.
Talk to the punks, and they'll run away.  Check the man, and Kiryuu will notice
he's dead.  Check him again, and you'll find a cell phone.  Take it (first
choice).  It'll ring and a man will talk to you.  I don't believe it matters
what you answer this man in any of his conversations with you; I always just
give the first response.  Right after you leave the area, it'll ring again, and
he'll tell you to meet the girl standing in front of Bantum (or where Bacchus
used to be).  Meet her, and she'll ask for the password...she's just fooling
around, tho'; there isn't one (answer the first choice).  Take the key to the
coin lockers and get the Long Dosu (you can send it to the items box if you have
too many weapons already; it's not needed to complete the mission).  He'll tell
you he'll contact you when he knows where the target is.  Go to the square in
front of the theater and he'll call you again.  He'll ask if you see the tall
man in the grey suit (that's you)--say "yes" (top choice).  Then, go to where
he says he'll meet you--the Yoshida Batting Center.  Approach him inside, beat
him, and he'll give you a Bullet-Proof Vest (good item, btw).

In the Yoshida Batting Center, to the right from the entrance near the arcade
machines, there's an old ball player who'll challenge you to hit ten of his
"insane" pitches into the little, lighted circle in the nets to get home-
runs.  Do so, then talk to him, then do so again, then do so again.  All choices
are the top choice.  It's all about timing here, so...you just need to get used
to it, unfortunately.  It's really not as hard as it sounds.

Requirement:  Clear "Bad News for Smile Burger"
In front of the Gelato Shop (at the north end of Tenka'ichi street), there are
yakuza similar to the ones in front of Smile Burger.  Talk to them, tell them
to knock it off (first choice), and beat them.

To the south of the theaters stands a man.  If you talk to him, he'll ask you
to do him a favor.  Choose the first choice twice and he'll tell you to go and
find a woman in the square in front of the theaters and tell her she's sexy,
then give her his money (which he gives to you).  She's at the center of the
southern edge.  It's the middle choice.  Then, give the first choice to pay his
money, and she'll give you a box.  You can open it if you want and you'll see
why he's so nervous about it--kinda.  You'll also see he's sorta a loser.  If
you open it, your experience is halved.

On the street to the west of the Champion District, north of the Tougenkyou
Soapland, on the east side of the street, a middle-aged man in a suit complains
that he's had a rash of graffiti recently.  Agree to watch for him (first
choice) and his son will run up and try to start spraying.  Approach him, and
he'll run south.  Follow, beat up his yakuza friends, and then go back to the
shop owner and talk to him.

Requirement:  Clear "The Gold Lighter"
On the north side of Taihei street's east edge, west of the Tougenkyou and
near a car, near the guy who sold you the information about the weapons shop
hidden in the video shop, Beam, you'll (hopefully) spy a woman all dressed in
red.  Talk to her, and she'll complain that her white bag was stolen.  Go to
the square in front of the theaters, talk to the two girls who stand near the
pedestrian railways at the eastern edge of the square, and then go to the
Champion District and meet the punk standing in the middle of the northern edge.
Choose the first choice if any questions are asked, I believe.  Three punks
will appear in the Third Park.  Go and beat them for the bag, then bring them
back to the woman for a comedy moment.

Requirement:  Clear "For Good Cafe'"
There is a punk standing at night-time in front of the Milennium Tower (inside
a "u"-shaped planter).  He'll ask you to call a race for him: 3-7 or 3-8.  Tell
him "3-7" if you want him to win and give you some money later; "3-8" if you
want him to lose and fight you for experience.  He appears again in the same
spot...but you'll have to leave and come back after a little while.

Requirement:  Can only be completed once "Find the Bag" is completed
If you go near the southern edge of Senryou street, a man will run up and ask
you for money.  Tell him the second choice both times and pay him, then leave
the area.  After some time, if you return to where you met him, your phone will
ring.  You'll need to have completed "Find the Bag" in order for the call to
come.  Answer it and then run south to meet the man who worked for Blue Moon.

On the eastern side of Senryou street, about midway north-to-south, you'll find
a young man named Kanou.  He'll fight you.  Beat him, and he'll ask to become
your deshi (apprentice of sorts).  Say you don't mind (bottom choice) and meet
up with him again to the west of the Champion District.  Talk to him, and answer
the first choice.  He'll lead you to the bar, Shellac.  Go inside, talk to the
owner, and answer the first choice.  Then, the yakuza will show up for real and
tell you to get lost; tell them to get lost instead (first choice).  Beat them

Requirement:  Clear "Yakuza Aspirations"
Run into Kanou again standing on the corner south of the Yoshida Batting Center
on Nanafuku street.  He'll talk to you automatically.  Go east, and you'll run
into him again.  Agree (bottom choice), then tell the yakuza to let Kanou go
(bottom choice again).  Beat them.

In Koshou Park (the park in the western edge of Nanafuku street), you'll hear
a man crying in the bathrooms.  Give him a tissue (first choice).  You can get
tissues from those guys in the white jackets trying to make you visit their
businesses.  The nearest one is in front of Volcano.  Just bump into him and
he'll force you to take some tissues.  The man will thank you and give you his
smelly business card--he's Rokkaku Gouji of Jet Set Radio fame.

Requirement:  Clear "Find the Manuscript"
Just south of Taihei street, on the east side of Senryou street, Ka'ai Momoko
is surrounded by yakuza.  Choose to save her (first choice) and beat them up.

In the alley south of the theater, where you can find coin locker key #50,
stands a really big yakuza.  Talk to him and he'll try to sell you a gun.  Buy
it (top choice).

Chapter 7
NOTE:  Bear in mind that the "To Be A Doctor" Mission must be completed in
 Chapter 7 after the chouhan incident.

The B-King team is hanging around in front of the theaters, getting hassled by
yakuza.  Talk to them, choose to help (first choice), and beat the gangsters.

Before the chouhan betting event, lead Haruka to the west of the River Styx
on Kou'enmae street.  A movie will show a man getting ready to jump.  All
the choices are the first choice; go up there, walk towards the guy, and just
hit the circle button a lot.

Requirement:  Open the underground casino in "The Price of an F-Cup"
Take Haruka to the underground casino and talk to the bunny girl blocking the
way to the chips counter.  When you go to leave the casino, a man will come in,
clutching extremely suspiciously to an attache case.  After the movie, take the
case over to the counter and talk to the attendant, who'll turn it into chips
for you.  Double the money and you'll get approached by some yakuza.  Beat them,
and then the man will come and try to get his money back.  Deny him (bottom
choice) twice and then you'll get another cut scene....  To double your money,
use the Red Jewel (I do hope you bring one with you) and then go to roulette.
Bet 5555 on all of the red numbers, then throw your final 10 onto red.  This
will double your money no matter what as the next play must be a red number.
This event must take place in Chapter 7.  I usually do it before the chouhan
gambling incident, but some suggest it doesn't matter.

After the chouhan betting incident, take Haruka to Bantam (the bar where Bacchus
used to be to the east of the Milennium Tower).  She'll recognise Jackal
Yagisawa, a local boxer who's got a championship fight coming up (apparently,
she follows boxing!).  He'll slap her (man!).  Fight him and win, and choose to
help him (top choice).  They barkeep will tell you how to go and see the bookie
near the pawn shop.  Go to the man standing there and answer "I just need to
come in out of the rain" (top choice) and he'll let you in.  Fight the bookie
and win.

Chapter 8

When Haruka's missing, after defeating the Bloody Eye gang, right after talking
to Date, you'll get a phone call.  Answer it, and Hanaya will ask you to go and
meet with him.  Go there, talk to him, and he'll tell you to go and see about
the old Doujima Group.  It'll be marked on your map, near the square in front of
the theaters.  Go there, walk inside, go into the back room, walk up to Yayoi,
and the paper doors will be thrown open, revealing the remnants of the Doujima
Group, ambushing Kiryuu.  Defeat them.  Yayoi draws a sword and holds it on
Kiryuu, demanding he explain who killed her husband, but Kiryuu apologises and
says that he can't yet.

Chapter 10

In an alley connecting Pink street with Senryou street, there's a cop who will
ask you for your papers.  It doesn't matter which answer you give the first
two times; he'll just ask you for a bribe.  Don't pay (bottom choice) and a
yakuza will chase off the fake cop.  Follow him to the east, fight him, and
beat him.

In the parking lot at the eastern edge of Nanafuku street, there's a big guy
with a crowd around him.  Talk to him, and he'll tell you he's got an open
challenge to anyone who thinks he can take him on.  Say you'll fight him (first
choice) and beat him.  He'll ask you to let him off the hook rather than pay.
You should refuse (top choice).  Beat him and his cronies.

Requirement:  Complete "Catch the Pickpocket"
Walking around erratically in the intersection near the parking lot in eastern
Nanafuku street is a pickpocket.  Bump into him, and he'll steal from you, then
run north.  Follow him--he's behind the truck.  Fight him, and then he'll be
found again in the intersection south of the Yoshida Batting Center in western
Nanafuku street.  Bump into him again, and he'll run north again.  This time,
he's way past the batting center and behind a truck, again.  Beat him, and he'll
say he won't ever do it again.  Choose the bottom choice ("I don't believe you")
and he'll give you the Casanova Ring.

In the Hotel District, northeast of the Batting Center, you'll be called by a
strange guy in camoflauge pants with sunglasses in a higher-pitched "Oi!" voice
than your average yakuza.  Beat these guys.

Requirement:  Clear "Gang Busters"
There are three Gang Busters groups to encounter:  in the east of Taihei street,
near the Tougenkyou soapland, and to the left and right of the entrance to the
parking lot at Nanafuku street's eastern end.

Requirement:  Clear "Gang Busters 2"
There are three more Gang Busters groups now:  in the alley to the north of
Shine that connects Pink street with Senryou street, at the southern end of
Senryou Street, and south of Shine on Pink street.

Requirement:  Clear "Gang Busters 3"
This time, only two groups appear:  beside the Poppo Mart at Chuudou street
(which is really to the east of Chuudou) and on Chuudou street, near the west
side, just south of the center north-to-south.

Requirement:  Clear "Gang Busters 4"
Talk to Aoki again in front of the theaters.  He'll tell you about the Gang
Busters in a little more detail.  This time, there's only one group, and they're
around the corner from Deborah; just north of the theaters.

Requirement:  Clear "Gang Busters 5"
The leader wears similar para-military garb and stands to the west of the Aka-
gyuu beef bowl restaurant on Taihei street (at the north end of Tenka'ichi).
Beat him.

Requirement:  Clear "Gang Busters Leader"
After defeating the leader, he'll tell you about the mysterious man behind the
Gang Busters up near the Yoshida Batting Center.  Go up there and you'll find
the guy hanging out just south of its entrance.  Talk to him, and call him out
(first choice).  Beat him to find out what's been going on.

Meet and talk to the man lying on the ground in the alley running east away from
Senryou street.

Requirement:  Clear "A Dying Man's Request"
Go to the square in front of the theaters, find the gangsters in the red jerseys
that the man talked about, and talk to them.  Choose the first choice and beat

Requirement:  Clear "A Dying Man's Wish"
Bring the bag back to the collapsed man.  Supposedly, you can't use taxis to
get there or he'll die.  If there is a time limit, it's fairly long.

Running around the square in the inverted "Y" area south of the Chuudou Poppo
market is a yakuza.  Approach him and talk to him--he'll fight you.  Choose the
first choice and then take the coin locker key and go up to the coin lockers.
There's a yakuza there when you look at the lockers.  Refuse to hand the key
over to him (bottom choice).  Fight him and defeat him.  You can return to that
"Y" area and find the man running around again, for some reason.

Across the alley from the Third Park, you'll find a gunman.  Fight him and he'll
reveal that he isn't exactly a meticulous or focused hit man.

Near where the painter was in Kou'enmae street, you'll find a man who will
recognise you.  Choose the first choice and say you'll help him look for Kyouka.
She's in the Yoshida Batting Center, sitting on the bench with Takashi, as she
was in Chapter 6.  Talk to her, and take her ring back to the yakuza.

Requirement:  Open the underground casino in "The Price of an F-Cup"
Go into Shellac and the owner will be worried.  Talk to him and ask him what's
wrong (first response?).  Go to the underground casino and talk to the man he
tells you about (he's standing at the roulette table).  The man wants the
Lucky Beads.  They're available in the casino--but you'll have to spend 400,000
yen to get the chips to exchange for them.  You can also get them from the coin
lockers.  Bring them to the yakuza, and then go back and see the bartender at
Shellac again.

South of the Kotobuki Pharmacy, in that weird, little "doughnut" area, you'll
find a gal wandering around.  Talk to her, and she'll ask if you wanna hang out.
Say "yes" (first choice).  Suddenly, you'll be in front of a hotel.  Say "no"
to her (bottom choice) twice and she'll call her brother.  Well...OK, so it
turns out that "she" was a "he."  The brother fights you.  Beat him--er, wait;
it turns out that "he" is a "she." (!)  Beat her younger brother.  Actually,
that woman is the only woman you fight, and that man is the only female
character model you fight--well, besides the body of the mysterious assassin.

Requirement:  Clear "Yakuza Aspirations 2"
North of Beam on the top of Pink street, you'll find Kanou again.  He'll ask if
you see the woman there...say "yes" (first choice) and then say "OK" (first
choice).  Approach, and she'll run.  Follow her.  It's not too hard to find her
because she wears all red.  The last time you see her, she'll run pretty far
south past the entrance to the Champion District.  Talk to her, and yakuza will
show up.  Choose not to hand her over (first choice) and beat the yakuza.

Requirement:  Clear "Yakuza Aspirations 3"
You'll run into Kanou again near the entrance to the Tougenkyou soapland on
Taihei street.  Afterwards, you'll find him again near the Chuudou Poppo market.
Answer the first response twice, and he'll lead you to a yakuza.  Fight them,
and then keep answering the first response to let Kanou off the hook.

Chapter 11

Once you've gotten hold of a pass to the Tougenkyou soapland, head back to the
River Styx, but don't talk to Haruka or Date; don't take her down there
yet.  Go and talk to the Hanaya, and he'll tell you about the fake Mizuki that
Nishikiyama's men killed.  Leave the River Bed and go south to the Champion
District, to the pAres nightclub.  Talk to the man outside, then go inside and
talk to the person there.  He'll set you up with Arisa instead of Mizuki.  Buy
her a drink enough times (the top choice) and she'll let it slip that Mizuki
is nowhere to be found.  Kiryuu will talk to the owner again and then get in a
fight.  Win the fight, and he'll tell the man about the fake Mizuki's fate.

Requirement:  Beat all 72 other "normal" missions (cabaret club girls missions
 don't count)
Go to the square in front of the theaters.  North of the save point stands a
man wearing black.  Talk to him, and he'll start to fight you.  Beat him.  He's
tough and has three forms.  I recommend getting four Sengetsu swords from the
underground colisseum tournament "The Ronin Grand Prix," equipping one, and
bringing the others as reserves, because then you can just stun him over and
over and over.

Как видишь их всего 72!

Что за крендель?

Еще скажу что он не такой сложный как пишет автор, выиграй этот чемпионат

The Ronin Grand Prix (Chapter 8, after Burning Grand Prix)
 Opponents are armed with blades.  Kiryuu has a sword with infinite endurance.
 1st round:  Razor George
 2nd round:  Grand Chef Jeung
 Championship:  Bearkiller Numada
 Prizes:  250,000 yen, 6,000 exp + Staminan Spark, Magic Sword Sengetsu,
   or Mifune Kodachi

 И получи в нем "Magic Sword Sengetsu"! Также желательно иметь у себя технику Komaki Swordsmanship которую учишь у учителя Сотаро Комаки(босс в самом последнем чемпионате)!И еще добавлю: он(автор) пишет что нужно затариться "этими" мечами под завязку! А именно "этими" мечами потому-что у них есть статус Stun,приличныий урон и большое количество ударов!

P.S. Еще до кучи добавлю: автор пишет что самый сложный босс это учитель, а секретный с той тактикой которую я описал должен стать просто детсадом!

Исправил(а): nickolai, 30 апреля 2009, 13:52

А ты помнишь,отныне навечно молодыми. nishikiyama
Дата сообщения: 30 апреля 2009, 11:55 [ # ]
fantom gray 
 LVL. 7
 EXP. 379/450
 Рег.: 10.09.2010
 Постов: 322
Играет в:
Профиль PM 
Наконецто Yakuza 4 будет издана за пределами
Японии. Игра появится на консоли
PlayStation 3 весной следующего
года. Серия чувствует себя не
очень комфортно на Западе, и
недавно вышедшая третья часть
не исключение. Но SEGA не теряет
надежды, а заодно завоевывает
все большую любовь
американских и европейских
фанатов игры.
В Yakuza 4 целых четыре главных
героя ("старичок" Кирю Кадзума и
три новых персонажа), с каждым
из которых связана своя
захватывающая история. SEGA
пока ничего не сообщает о том,
будет ли западная версия Yakuza
4 чем-то отличаться от японской,
ваше мнение о игре.

Исправил(а): fantom gray, 5 ноября 2010, 09:46
Дата сообщения: 4 ноября 2010, 15:26 [ # ]
ogdan Онлайн
Ворошиловский стрелок
 LVL. 9
 EXP. 939/1000
 Рег.: 3.12.2006
 Постов: 13303
Играет в:
Persona 5, Dark Souls 3
Профиль PM 
Что за белый стих?
Мало того, что грамотно писать не умеешь, так еще и скопипастить нормально не можешь.
И да, здесь принято, что автор новой темы делиться своим мнением тоже.

You see, in this world there's two kinds of people, my friend: Those with loaded guns and those who dig. You dig.
Дата сообщения: 4 ноября 2010, 15:39 [ # ]
fantom gray 
 LVL. 7
 EXP. 379/450
 Рег.: 10.09.2010
 Постов: 322
Играет в:
Профиль PM 
Во первых игра по трейлеру мне понравилось, новые персы вобше качественые, коп, мститель и бывшый якудза, мини игр станет вдвое больше,да и приёмов,и также появитса возможность свою девушку полностью преоброзовать.
Дата сообщения: 4 ноября 2010, 15:57 [ # ]
 LVL. 5
 EXP. 109/120
 Рег.: 20.04.2010
 Постов: 3094
Играет в:
Профиль PM 
появитса возможность свою девушку полностью преоброзовать.

О, это как?

You can't let yourself be trapped by common sense in Gensokyo, right?
Дата сообщения: 4 ноября 2010, 16:00 [ # ]
fantom gray 
 LVL. 7
 EXP. 379/450
 Рег.: 10.09.2010
 Постов: 322
Играет в:
Профиль PM 
Цитата (BadgerM @ 04 ноября 2010, 15:00)
появитса возможность свою девушку полностью преоброзовать.

О, это как?

ну купить платье, серёжки аксесуары, сделать прическу, и в мини играх поиграть настольный тенис даже масаж зделать могут, также В Японии игра
поступила в продажу
в марте 2010 года.
особенностью Yakuza
4 является
управления одним из
четырех персонажей
на выбор (во всех
предыдущих частях
был единственный
главный герой ).
Серия Yakuza -
эксклюзив консоли
PlayStation. В Японии
она носит название
Ryu ga Gotoku. Первые
два выпуска были
разработаны для
консоли PS2 и
поступили в продажу в
2005 и 2006 годах.
Англоязычные версии
были изданы в 2006 и
2008 годах
Начиная с третьей
серии игра
перебралась на
консоль PS3.
Сюжет Yakuza, как
следует из названия,
сфокусирован на
жизни японских
гангстеров . Однако
познакомиться и со
многими другими
культуры Японии. В
частности, серия дает
возможность посетить
виртуальные караоке -
клубы и залы с
игровыми автоматами
" пачинко".

Исправил(а): fantom gray, 5 ноября 2010, 08:45
Дата сообщения: 4 ноября 2010, 16:05 [ # ]
fantom gray 
 LVL. 7
 EXP. 379/450
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Профиль PM 
вот пример                                                                                                                

Исправил(а): N.D., 6 октября 2011, 00:57
Дата сообщения: 5 ноября 2010, 18:02 [ # ]
That's not my name 
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 Рег.: 8.10.2008
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Профиль PM 
Ты ведь не стихи пишешь...
Дата сообщения: 5 ноября 2010, 18:59 [ # ]
Разделяй и властвуй.
 LVL. 8
 EXP. 545/700
 Рег.: 8.07.2007
 Постов: 1025
Играет в:
Euro Truck Simulator 2; Heroes of Might & Magic 3.5;
Профиль PM 
Видимо закос под gta, и по большей части это популярно на родине игры, нам и мафии хватает я думаю.

С каждым годом я убеждаюсь, что и у друзей бывает срок годности!
Дата сообщения: 5 ноября 2010, 20:43 [ # ]
fantom gray 
 LVL. 7
 EXP. 379/450
 Рег.: 10.09.2010
 Постов: 322
Играет в:
Профиль PM 
Цитата (nirvana @ 05 ноября 2010, 19:43)
Видимо закос под gta, и по большей части это популярно на родине игры, нам и мафии хватает я думаю.

Под закос на gta только в одном свободе движения, а сравнивать с мафией бесполезно, потомушто хуже мафии 2 в этом году ничего небыло.
Дата сообщения: 6 ноября 2010, 09:59 [ # ]
 LVL. 8
 EXP. 633/700
 Рег.: 10.01.2008
 Постов: 1637
Играет в:
Battlefield 4
Burial, Little People, Noisia
Профиль PM   
потомушто хуже мафии 2 в этом году ничего небыло.

cool story bro

Their truth is a lie
Their city is an illusion
Do not accept the world as it is
Дата сообщения: 6 ноября 2010, 15:08 [ # ]
 LVL. 1
 EXP. 4/5
 Рег.: 18.09.2010
 Постов: 48
Играет в:
Пока жду FFversus13
Профиль PM 
Yakuza 4 Я бы сказал, что это интерестная  игра. Смотря видио-предстовление этой игры и бросаясь в воспоминания о первой и третей части игра будет стоящая. Я смог увидеть хорошую графику,большое колличество возможностей( в плане мини игор и приёмов) Также интерестно сделано то, что появилось ещё три новых персонажа.Стиль  у каждого героя свойж:молодо коп,страшный бомж-качёк,и какойто стильный мужик.Ну, о Кирие Кадзуме говорить нечего просто крутой чел.Неплохой геим плей конешне это можэт напомнить GTA но всё же небуду судить строго.В первой и третей частях отличный сюжет так,что в этой должен быть просто класс .Игра должна порадовать всех буду рад в неё сыграть.
И спасибо fantom gray, что выстовил эту тему хотел давно скемто поделится своими впечатлениями.

Наказаны будут все кто совершает зло.Даже если это из-зи добрых намерений.
Дата сообщения: 18 ноября 2010, 14:56 [ # ]
 LVL. 6
 EXP. 185/250
 Рег.: 22.05.2011
 Постов: 520
Профиль PM 
Кто играл в игры этой серии, о впечатлениях отписывайтесь в этой теме. На форуме уже существуют темы, посвященные первой и четвертой части, но эту я создал как общую, касательно всей серии (4 части на этот момент). Сейчас я в конце первой и за ней начну проходить вторую. Как пройду Yakuza до конца, напишу небольшую рецензию.

Дата сообщения: 5 октября 2011, 20:17 [ # ]
 LVL. 6
 EXP. 185/250
 Рег.: 22.05.2011
 Постов: 520
Профиль PM 
Кто играл в игры этой серии, о впечатлениях отписывайтесь в этой теме. На форуме уже существуют темы, посвященные первой и четвертой части, но эту я создал как общую, касательно всей серии (4 части на этот момент). Сейчас я в конце первой и за ней начну проходить вторую. Как пройду Yakuza до конца, напишу небольшую рецензию.

Дата сообщения: 5 октября 2011, 20:17 [ # ]
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